Local Food Experience Osmica (8)

Number 8 (eight) or “Osmica” is a type of wineries and farmers local restaurants. This tradition dates back 200 years, where wine growing farmers were allowed for eight days a year to sell their surplus of wine without taxes and prepared space in the barrels for the new harvest wine. The tradition is preserved until today, where in addition to excellent wines you can also taste a rainbow of home-made delicacies. Experience the true traditional gourmet adventure with live local music, good food and relaxed atmosphere.

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Osmica Food Experience & Sightseeing


When: fall and spring

Duration: day tour cca. 4-5 hours (minimum 2 persons)

Price: send inquiry



  •  pick up & drop off at your location
  •  guided sightseeing tour of local attractions
  •  visit to Osmica farm restaurant and learning about local culture and traditions
  •  wine tasting and food tasting of local delicacies
  •  wine of the house (1l of white or 1l of “black”)
  •  lunch or dinner with tasting of 3 courses (home-made dry meats (prosciutto, ham, sausages, pancetta, salami), cheese, cabbage or turnip soup with sausages, home-baked bread, olive oil, potica cakes, štruklji dumplings, stews and home-made liquors and juices)
  •  relaxed atmosphere in a good company with live local music


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